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I think I've been a social psychologist almost all my life even before I knew there was such a thing as social psychology I grew up in a town called Revere Massachusetts about 20 miles northeast of Boston we are Jewish and my family was really Orthodox and we lived in a neighborhood that was variant ly anti-semitic and in order to get to the Hebrew school I would have to walk through neighborhoods clustered with teenagers who would frequently shout anti-semitic slogans at me and sometimes they pushed me around and sometimes they even roughed me up and one of my earliest vivid memories is around the time I was 9 years old after one of these beatings when I was sitting on a curbstone nursing of bloody nose and a split lip and wondering why these people hated Jews so much were they born hating Jews or did somebody teach them to hate Jews and wondering why they hated me so much when they didn't even know me and wondering if they got to know me better and discovered what a sweet and charming little boy I was would they like me more and if they liked me more would they hate other Jews less now I didn't realize it at the time of course but these are profound social psychological questions and 10 years later when I was a sophomore at Brandeis University I wandered quite by accident into a class being taught by Abraham Maslow now I didn't in at that time I didn't know he was Abraham Maslow I thought he was no professor Maslow but suddenly Maslow started to talk about the psychology of prejudice and he was raising some of the very same questions that I had raised when I was nine years old sitting on that curb in Revere Massachusetts I immediately began taking notes and the next day I switched my major from economics to psychology because I discovered oh my goodness there is a whole area of study dedicated to these very important questions I hadn't known that before and I switched I became a protege of Maslow's he was an inspirational figure and he encouraged me to go on to graduate school well well accepted it's interesting Brandeis is psychology department was not exactly typical of what mainstream psychology was doing and there you go from studying with Maslow at Brandeis to working with Leon Festinger at Stanford would you like to talk about that transition well it was quite a transition I didn't go to Stanford in order to work with Leon Festinger I had never heard of him and I assumed he had never heard of me either we both arrived at Stanford at the same time in 1956 Leon as a brilliant young professor with a reputation for being a genius and me as a very insecure first-year graduate student now Leon came with the reputation for being a genius but he also had a reputation for being a very harsh even cruel taskmaster and he was signed a term paper and I wrote the term paper and handed it in and then a few days later he called me the Aronson he had a stack of papers on his desk and he pulled one out and he he held it up like this like by the his thumb...
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